Vienna: October 2–4

This is the Vienna prayer video from Pentecost 2021

Prayer Request

Vienna is both the capital city of Austria and its own province, with around 1.9 million inhabitants.

Vienna has 23 districts and is very varied. Many different nations are represented in Vienna, because of the proximity to the Balkans, the many educational opportunities, international organizations, but also because of the refugee situation. People from 183 nations live in Vienna. Around 800,000 Austrian citizens in Vienna were not born in Austria.

  • Let us pray for a strong outpouring of the Holy Spirit in all churches, political institutions, universities, art and culture spaces, as well as in business and all areas of everyday life.
  • Let us pray for a spirit of repentance and turning  to God to take hold of people of all cultures and social levels, which will release the power in all of our hearts to lead lives pleasing to God.
  • Let us pray for divine wisdom for all decision makers and their advisers — both within the Austrian government and within the various international institutions.
  • Let us pray that God’s beauty will become manifest in art, culture, politics, diplomacy, social interaction, in churches, educational institutions and old people’s homes, and in families, in a way never seen before.

Local Prayer Meeting in Vienna:

Kreis zur Einheit Wien: National Holiday Prayer, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Large meadow at the Cobenzl, 19th district.
More information at www.christeninwien.atPDF Flyer here


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