Upper Austria: October 19–23

This is the Upper Austria prayer video from Pentecost 2021

Prayer Requests

Upper Austria has around 1.5 million inhabitants. The capital Linz is dominated by industry, partly due to its situation on the River Danube which has always contributed to progress.

Upper Austria is divided into four quarters: The Mühlviertel (mill quarter), Innviertel (the quarter on the Inn river), Hausruckviertel (the quarter on the Hausruck mountains) and beautiful Traunviertel (the quarter on the Traun River) — also known as Salzkammergut.

  • Let us pray that the singing kids (KISI, Altmünster) can continue to carry the Good News into the World and will open the door to God for many people, that by their joy of life new faith will be encouraged in people’s hearts.
  • Let us pray that the witness of all the Christians in Upper Austria will be seasoned with salt and that they will contribute to shaping all facets of life in the province.
  • Let us pray that God’s word will flow like a mighty river through all parts of society, and that it will release innovation, creativity, courage, and most of all, God’s vision.

Local Prayer Meetings in Upper Austria:

Linz Evangelical Alliance: National Holiday Prayr, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m., in the Rhema Church, Angererhofweg 3, 4030 Linz. More Information here.

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