Prayer letters

Prayer on National Day



Enthusiastic about the strength of the common prayer before Pentecost, we continue on the National Day. Once again we come to God “with requests and supplications and full of gratitude” (cf. Phil. 4,6) and stand up for the people of Austria and the concerns of our country. Be there and pray with us!

On October 26th at 10:00 AM a prayer time will be broadcast and will remain available online. So you can use it for a prayer meeting as a house group or in your church. The stream is a help and can be used creatively: For example, you can pause the stream at any time in order to respond to the prayer dynamics on site. Or you can add your own prayer times afterwards.

The national holiday is also the kick-off for an Austria-wide and interdenominational 24/7 prayer around the clock.

Be a part of it!