Lower Austria: Oct 9–14

This is the Lower Austria prayer video from Pentecost 2021

Prayer Requests

Lower Austria, the province of four quarters (“Viertel” in German): Mostviertel (with many apple and pear orchards), Weinviertel (a wine-growing region), the forested Waldviertel, and the Industrieviertel with many industrial towns: altogether around 1.7 million inhabitants.

Lower Austria has always been the place where the Vienna elite went “to the country” to relax, recover and retreat. For this reason there are many stately homes, chateaus, as well as monasteries and convents.

The oldest known sculpture of a woman (a dancing woman), the Galgenberg Venus, was found in Lower Austria.

  • Let us pray that the people in Lower Austria will be gripped with God’s vision and joy of life and that it will enable them to create lasting good for the glory of God.
  • Let us pray for the capital of St Pölten and the governor, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, that through wise policies she can create structures in the province which will be conducive to Christian life. May the monasteries and convents be filled with God’s Holy Spirit and may they lead many people to repentance.
  • Vienna’s airport is located in Lower Austria: Let us pray for protection for this airport. It is a gateway to the world: both good and bad enter and leave here. May God give us grace to send good things into the world.

Local Prayer Meetings in Lower Austria:

None have been reported, unfortunately.

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