Burgenland: October 1

This is the Burgenland prayer video from Pentecost 2021

Prayer Requests

Our small province of Burgenland has been part of Austria since 1921. It forms the eastern border of the country and has around 300,000 inhabitants. Small but strong: “Burgen” are castles, fortresses, provide protection. So our name could be interpreted: a protective barrier against the enemy, a lookout to see the enemy advance.

  • Let us pray that Burgenland will develop a great hunger for the word of God, a supernatural wisdom and clarity about God’s calling at the eastern border of Austria.
  • Let us pray that Burgenland will be strong in the Spirit, that the Christian churches will grow both numerically and in influence in society.
  • Let us pray for harmony and unity among the different ethnic groups in Burgenland.
  • Let us pray for a network of prayer and intercessory groups in every town and village of Burgenland, so that God’s presence will be felt in every part of society.


Lokale Gebetsveranstaltungen im Burgenland:

Bad Tatzmannsdorf Protestant Church: National Holiday Prayer, 7 p.m., in the Peace Church, Kirchenstraße 19, 7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf.


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