A huge thank you to all who have participated and prayed for our country for thousands of hours. We are currently discussing how we can continue “Austria Prays Together”.

A national day of prayer is planned for 26.10. Further information will follow.

May 21st


Together Christians came before God and prayed for our country.

May 22nd - 30th


24 hours. For nine days.

Join the 24/9 prayer and take one or more prayer blocks in our 24/9 prayer calendar.

May 28th


Prayer event from various Christian churches. Further Information

May 31st


Full day

Celebrating Pentecost together: in the local churches/parishes.

Prayerinitiative „Austria prays united“

The current crisis is challenging people around the world on a scale not seen for a long time – we all need God’s help. We are also heading for Pentecost! Therefore, we would like to call for common prayer across denominational boundaries.

God the Father is faithful, he wants salvation and life in abundance for every person and all creatures. So we trust in his word: “Then if my people, over whom my name is called, humble themselves, and they pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. (2. Chronicles 7:14)

Our longing: May God pour out his Holy Spirit anew on Austria and the whole world!

We cordially invite you to pray with us!

Further information: Download PDF



21 May | Ascension Day prayer
19:00 – 20:30 live from the Gothic Hall of the Church of St. Blasius, Salzburg, with the participation of bishops and leaders from the different Christian denominations

22-30 May | 24/9 prayer chain
Individuals, families, house groups, parishes, perhaps together with another Christian congregation, can register through the website to take on specific prayer hours in this prayer chain. Furthermore, we invite you to a conscious preparation for Pentecost: Spiritually, in interpersonal cooperation and with (own) creative ideas.

28 May | “Together before Pentecost
19:00 – 20:30: Great ecumenical prayer evening with participation from numerous cathedrals and places of prayer in German-speaking countries – also with live feed from Austria! www.gemeinsamvorpfingsten.org

31 May | Pentecost
The feast of Pentecost is celebrated in the churches and parishes, either “real” or online, according to Covid-19 measures. This could include showing the official video compilation and giving space to parishioners to share their experiences of the past nine days.

If you have questions, address them [email protected]


Our Father who art in heaven,
we come before You together, as people who believe in You, Your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and shape their lives with You. You are God, the Lord of all life; we entrust ourselves to You. May Your will be done even in the presently so challenging situation, triggered by the Corona crisis.

In solidarity with the many who have been shaken in body or soul by this crisis, who are now worried about their economic existence, and those who provide irreplaceable services for our society, we stand before You and confess: “We need Your help! Our hope rests on your promise to give rest to the afflicted and burdened. Please lead our country out of the current crisis to a sustainable new beginning.

We hear Your word to the people of Israel: “If my people, about whom my name is called, humble themselves to pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14). We believe that You have plans of salvation and hope, also for us today and for the generations to come.

We seek You, Your merciful face, and turn away from our self-centered thinking and acting. We acknowledge that You, the Triune God, is the first place in everything. Although it is Your goodness that carries us every day anew, we often rely only on our own abilities and live our daily lives without really asking for Your will. We have disregarded Your commandments, have perverted Your orders and ignored the misery of our fellow men, and have also tolerated the exploitation of man and nature. We bring all this before You, asking You for the grace of sincere repentance and for Your mercy.


Because Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection defeated all that is destructive and deadly, we ask with confidence: Heal and renew this world, Your Church, our lives and our relationships. Send Your Holy Spirit and make us open to Him and His work! May He dwell in us so that we may live a life that honours You, makes our togetherness human and fills us with Your joy. May – thanks to Your grace – many people through this crisis find a new way to You, the source of all life.


God, our Father, we ask You

  • for all who go through existential crises: Give them inner support and let them find active help through Your assistance.
  • for all our sick people: Give them good helpers at their side, give them confidence in your goodness and the grace of recovery.
  • for all those who are close to death: Grant them the salvific closeness of carers and loved ones. Free them from all fear.
  • for all those who are in mourning: Fill them with comfort and hope from faith. Give the lonely ones a feeling of security.
  • for all those whose economic existence is at stake: open up viable future prospects for them and strengthen them with new strength.
  • for all those who bear responsibility in politics, society, business, medicine and research: Give them much wisdom and the courage to act for the good of all.
  • for those countries around the world that still face the greatest challenges in the wake of the pandemic: Give them protection, preservation and the help they need.




Discover different ways of praying from the treasure of Christianity: www.prayforaustria.at

Sign the calendar and take a prayer time at the "24/9 prayer"


Rudolf Borchert (Board Österr. Evangelische Allianz)
Thomas Dopplinger (Reverend, Ev. Pfarrgemeinde A.B. Wien-Favoriten, Gnadenkirche)
Margit Eichhorn (Board Österr. Evangelische Allianz, Campus für Christus)
Johannes Fichtenbauer (Deacon of Erzdiözese Wien, Auftrag Ökumene)
Martin Griesfelder (Chairman of the Board Weg der Versöhnung and Pastor Freie Christengemeinde Linz)
Christoph Grötzinger (General Secretary Österr. Evangelische Allianz)
Sven Kühne (Chairman of the Board IM Austria | GLAUBE.at + Glaubensimpulse)
Pia Manfrin (Österr. Bischofskonferenz, Gemeinschaft Emmanuel, Board Weg d. Versöhnung)
Chiarina Marent (Miteinander für Europa/ Together for Europe)
Markus Marosch (General Secretary Weg der Versöhnung; Pastor Every Nation Innsbruck)
Beate Mayerhofer-Schöpf (Referat für Spiritualität, Erzdiözese Wien; Miteinander für Europa)
Georg Mayr-Melnhof (Loretto Gemeinschaft)
Maximilian Oettingen (Loretto Gemeinschaft)
Simon Pollit (Leader Elijah House Austria, Board Weg der Versöhnung)
John Reves (Priest, Director of the Center for Eastern Church Spirituality in Salzburg, Board WDV)
Paul Riedmann (Dekan, Ökumene-Beauftragter der Diözese Feldkirch)
Gerald Wakolbinger (Werk für Evangelisation und Gemeindeaufbau in der Ev. Kirche)
Hans Widmann (Vorsitzender Österr. Evangelische Allianz, Leiter Österr. Bibellesebund)


Christoph Kardinal Schönborn (Archbishop of Vienna)
Wolfgang Sobotka
(President of the National Council)
Reinhard Kummer
(Chairman “Free Churches in Austria”; Chairman “Mennonites in Austria”)
Bishop Hermann Glettler
(Diocese of Innsbruck)
Edwin Jung (Chairman „Freie Christengemeinden – Pfingstgemeinden“, Council Member der Freikirchen in Österreich)
Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl (Archdiocese of Vienna, Episcopal Vicar for the Categorial Pastoral Care and for the community speaking another language)
Frank Hinkelmann (President European Evangelical Alliance)
Auxiliary Bishop Stephan Turnovszky (Archdiocese of Vienna, Bishop responsible for youth pastoral and for movements in the Eastern Bishops’ Conference)
Dept. Raimund Schreier (Wilten Monastery; Together for Europe)
LH a.D. Dr. Josef Pühringer
Archbishop Franz Lackner
(Archdiocese of Salzburg)
Gudrun Kugler (Member of the National Council, Spokesperson for Human Rights of the ÖVP Parliamentary Club)
Johannes Hartl (Prayer House Augsburg)
Gerhard Proß (Moderator des Leitungsteams von Miteinander für Europa)
Dr. Irmgard Griss (former president of the Supreme Court)


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Youth Festival (30 – 31 May), Loretto


ÖEA Prayer Initiative 2.0

Worldwide CHARIS Prayer Vigil, live from Rome (May 30, 10:00 PM)

Pentecost Countdown with the Emmanuel Community – short impulses for each day

Ideas for prayer in the time from Ascension to Pentecost

Prayer ways from the treasure of Christianity

08:00 PM Light a candle
Every day at 08:00 PM, light a candle, put it in the window and pray an “Our Father”.

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